Marjolein Wigman: Intern

Introducing Marjolein Weigman, volunteer intern at Motivation Australia. She is a Health Sciences student from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Marjolein wanted to come to Australia to experience “the great culture and the beautiful natural environment”. Her research project titled “Costs and benefits of the Diabetic Foot Clinic in Samoa”, will enable Motivation Australia and our partners to begin to build on the available evidence of the effectiveness of Diabetic Foot Care initiatives in the Pacific Region. 

“Motivation Australia gave me a wonderful opportunity to perform a cost-effectiveness analysis about the Diabetic Foot Clinic in Samoa for my bachelor thesis. I feel lucky that I could go to Australia and even more lucky that I will see Samoa as well! Working in Australia has been an amazing experience so far, I have received so much support from my colleagues”.

Marjolein looks forward to sharing the results of her research!