Planning mobility device services for Samoa

Stakeholder workshop

The National Health Service of Samoa are trying to address the lack of mobility device services for children and adults with a permanent mobility disability. A brand new facility has been designed and construction is scheduled to commence in the last quarter of 2014, funded by Australian AID.

At the end of September 2013 Kylie and Ray Mines carried out a detailed programme design visit to plan a proposed four year project in Samoa funded by Australian AID. Over 40 people were involved in individual meetings and a stakeholder workshop during the visit, to ensure wide consultation with the Samoan Government, NGOs and people with disabilities about the upcoming project to start a Mobility Device Service based at the main hospital in Apia. The consultations during this visit built on the information gathered during Kylie’s 2011 feasibility study in Samoa.

The purpose of this proposed new project would be to create consistent, equitable and sustainable access to appropriate mobility device provision for women, men, girls and boys with a mobility disability in Samoa. Watch this space for news!!