Samoa Containers facilitate training

Ray from MA with LDS team

Preparations for the delivery of the first Motivation Australia wheelchair and walking aid training in Samoa continued this week with the arrival and unloading of two shipping containers of equipment and devices.

WS Shipment 390x390One 20 foot container arrived from Adelaide with all the tools and equipment needed to start the Samoan Mobility Device Service (MDS) workshop, clinic and office space. This container was funded by the Australian Government through Motivation Australia’s Samoa MDS project.

The second larger container (40 foot) of wheelchairs and walking aids also arrived. This container was donated by the Church of the Latter Day Saints as part of an on-going cooperation with Motivation Australia to sponsor appropriate wheelchairs for services in the region.

Both containers were unloaded with the help of the property and assets division of the hospital. Many thanks to all those who helped unload and store over 350 devices for people with mobility disabilities in Samoa.

WS Container unload 390x390
Property and Assets team unloading!

We very much look forward to opening the boxes and starting service provision as part of the training.

We’re also looking forward to the projects first two Australian volunteers arriving on today to support Lauren and Ray deliver the training – which starts on the 27th October. Katrina and Julian are a welcome addition to the team!