Samoa’s MDS continues to thrive!

The Samoan Mobility Device Service (MDS) continues to move from strength to strength. Four wheelchair service personnel are providing competent, quality services to Samoans with a mobility disability. More than 200 people with a disability have received appropriate mobility devices since services began six months ago. They are being well supported by the services Client Liaison Officer – responsible for team administration and communication between the MDS and it’s clients.

The team recently completed a series of home visits on both major islands, following up on clients who have received devices (wheelchairs, walking aids) from the MDS. These home visits are an essential part of any service – ensuing that mobility devices are being use safely. Service personnel conduct checks of the device to ensure that it is well maintained and in good condition, they ensure that the device is meeting the clients needs and environmental conditions and they conduct user training for mobility skills, transfer skills or discuss health and well being.

In another exciting development, the project’s Australian volunteer Prosthetist Orthotist has begun working with medical and community personnel to address the significant, unmet need of diabetic foot ulcers; a complication of diabetes that can result in lower limb amputations and blood infections that are life threatening. The MDS service, with the support of the volunteer, has begun healthy footwear education as well as providing offloading services.

Offloading is a technique that assists wound healing by removing the pressure from a foot wound – while enabling people to continue to walk safely. Offloading techniques, combined with good wound management and blood sugar control can dramatically improve health, heal wounds and significantly lower the risk of amputation.

A diabetic foot clinic combining medical and allied health personnel will be established in the coming weeks – we look forward to reporting progress soon!

Intermediate level wheelchair services for children will soon begin, with intermediate level training beginning on the 25th of May. This training is focused on providing wheelchairs to children and adults who need additional postural support to sit upright. The extended five week training course will be led by Motivation Australia senior training team Lauren Flaherty and Ray Mines. The training will be supported by volunteers Michelle Ishack (occupational therapist), Camille Mewett (physiotherapist) and Julian Silveri (wheelchair technician).

Again – we look forward to sharing our progress with you soon!

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