Data collection in the Solomon Islands

Motivation Australia (MA) has been working with partners at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) to develop a customised Mobility Device Service (MDS) Data System for the Rehabilitation Division.

The MDS Data Systems includes service forms (such as registration forms and assessment form), data collection processes and a database. MA has facilitated two Data Systems workshops in Honiara this year in order to consult, develop and launch the system. The latest workshop gave us the opportunity to work with the national team – including many Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) personnel who live and work in remote locations.

The MDS database is an access-based database that records individual client details such as contact information, demographics, information about their health condition or disability and any devices that have been provided.

It also automatically aggregates that data into key quantitative indicators in real time.

By incorporating the MDS database into their service systems, the Rehabilitation Division can:

  • Input, search and edit individual clients records
  • Create lists of clients (for example: by year, by district or by device)
  • View dashboards of visual charts showing aggregated data on key indicators such as gender or age
  • Customise and generate de-identified reports

One of the benefits of the data system implemented in the Solomon Islands is that many of our partners in the Pacific Region are using the same service forms, systems and database which will allow the services to share disaggregated, de-identified data in order to learn from their peer services.










MA thanks the participants of the data systems workshop for all of their ideas, support and colloboration! MA also thanks WHO’s WPRO and the Australian Government for their funding, which has made this workshop possible!