Mobility Device Service Support

Motivation Australia is currently working in partnership with the Rehabilitation Division of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in the Solomon Islands to provide technical support in strengthening their mobility device services.

The Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Unit has been running wheelchair services in the Solomon Islands for a number of years. Following a partnership project with Motivation Australia in 2012-13, the Solomon Islands National University integrated wheelchair service delivery training (utilizing a World Health Organisation Wheelchair Service Training Package) into their diploma course for Community Based Rehabilitation workers. As a result of this training, and previous training initiatives between the CBR Unit and Motivation Australia, there are a number of personnel in the country with good capacity to provide basic level wheelchair services.

Through our current engagement with the Rehabilitation Division, Motivation Australia will be assisting in training some of these personnel to meet the needs of children and adult wheelchair users who need additional postural support. We will also provide support to assist in reviewing and planning for much needed improvements in prosthetics and orthotics services.

Our work in the Solomon Islands is currently funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Non-Government Cooperation Programme. For more information, contact Kylie Mines