Video: Handwashing

Proper handwashing is a fundamental part of infection control. Check out this short video to help promote the WHO’s recommended handwashing technique. It’s amazing how easily infections can be transferred!

A hand under UV light shown to be clean.

The video was originally used in a larger presentation for our partners in Pacific countries who are managing diabetic foot wounds, as part of our Solomon Islands Diabetic Foot Management project.

Since the world turned upside down in March, many of us who are not medical staff have had to start practising better hand hygiene to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic is far from over for many people, and it is really important that we all keep maintaining good hand washing.

To play your part in improving infection control, please use and share the video with your network. Play the video in your home and workplace. Let’s improve hand hygiene for everyone – spread the video and not infections!


The video has been produced with funding from the Government of Canada’s CFLI programme.