Motivation Australia is a technical adviser to the Timor-Leste (East Timor) national wheelchair service provider CNR (Centro National de Reabilitação), formally called ASSERT. This role has grown from 2008 – where Motivation Australia supported the establishment of the service through training courses for clinical and technical staff and the first ever Peer to Peer training course in the Pacific Region. Several training inputs have happened since then, including collaboration on one of the pilot courses for the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package – Intermediate Level (WSTP).

The most recent service provision input was through a Children’s Wheelchair Clinic that was held in November 2013. Skills clinics like this focus on extending and sharing the skills and knowledge of the team, in order to be able to continuously improve the services they provide. Children are often a focus of these clinics because it is important to provide appropriate services at a young age to prevent some of the complications that can develop from poor seating such as changes to joints, bones, decreased ability to eat and drink or reduced lung function.

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