The Kingdom of Tonga: Basic Wheelchair Training


Basic level wheelchair training was held in the Kingdom of Tonga in November for participants from Tongatapu and the Outer Island Groups of Ha’apai and Vava’u. The training was made up of a clinical training section – incorporating the WHO Wheelchair Service Training (basic level) course material; and a technical training section, which focused on the skills needed to assemble, adjust, maintain and repair wheelchairs.


Ten clinical and five technical trainees completed course over eight days. As part of the course, trainees practise their new skills and knowledge with wheelchair users during practical sessions. 10 wheelchair users received a new wheelchair as part of the training, and two wheelchair users had their own wheelchairs repaired and adjusted to better meet their needs.

This was a collaboration between Tonga’s Ministry of Health, the Tongan Red Cross, the Mango Tree Rehabilitation Centre and the LDS Church.