Updates from Tonga

Tongan orthotist and Australian prosthetist orthotist review a client who is wearing an AFO - Ankle foot orthosis.

The MA team were recently in Tonga to continue work on the Rehabilitation and Mobility project. So many exciting things have happened in Tonga over the last month!

Tonga now has its first ever lower limb prosthestist and lower limb orthotist

Sitanilei and Vai’uli have returned from their training at Mobility India in Bangalore and are very excited to be joining the rehabilitation team. They are now working very closely with our new prosthetist orthotist Narelle Cook providing limited services while we wait for the new rehabilitation department building to be complete. More news about Sitanilei and Vai’uli will follow soon!

Renovations have begun!A building site, with half of the tiles removed on the floor, and new brick walls being laid by bricklayers in high-vis vests.

The old hospital kitchen has began to be transformed into the new rehabilitation department building. It is so exciting to see the different rooms starting to take shape and the whole team can’t wait to move in.

Diabetic foot care training is coming soon

MA met with the diabetes team to continue discussions about diabetic foot care in Tonga. The next training on diabetic wound management will take place from 18th-22ndMarch. We were fortunate to also meet with the Amanaki Fo’ou team who are also working with Tonga MOH on various diabetes prevention and management initiatives. We look forward to collaborating further with the Tonga MOH and Amanaki Fo’ou to strengthen diabetes services in Tonga.


The Tonga TRaM project is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Motivation Australia and the Ministry of Health in Tonga.

Thank you to everyone who met with us and told us their stories.