Supporting services in Vanuatu!

A man and a woman are standing at a table, working together to adjust underarm crutches. They are in a room. In the background to the left two young men are sitting together, looking at a form on a clipboard. In the background to the right, a small group of people are sitting having a discussion.

Mobility device service (MDS) providers in Vanuatu recently completed a one-day ‘Walking Aid Training Package’ with the support of Motivation Australia. John Bule, physiotherapist at Northern Provincial Hospital, and Claire Ibell, Motivation Australia Project Officer, jointly delivered the training to participants from Northern Provincial Hospital, representatives from Medical Santo’s Community Based Rehabilitation team, and the Vanuatu Society for People with Disability (VSPD). The training package supported participants to develop the skills to safely assess and prescribe walking aids (such as walking frames, crutches and walking sticks) to people who need them, both in the hospital and in the community. Many participants commented on how useful they found the training and highlighted that they will be using their newly developed skills in their day to day work. The training also provided an excellent opportunity for staff from different services to come together to share their knowledge and experience.

Motivation Australia would like to thank the Northern Provincial Hospital team, Albert Kaiapam from Vila Central Hospital, and the Vanuatu Society for People with Disabilities for their support and participation in the training. We would also like to thank the Medical Santo Community Based Rehabilitation team for participating in the training and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Vanuatu is a part of Motivation Australia’s Pacific MDS Project, which is funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Non-Government Organisation Cooperation Program (ANCP). Motivation Australia also acknowledges the support of the Latter-day Saints Charities for financial support and in-kind donations of quality, appropriate wheelchairs in both Vanuatu and throughout the region.