Vanuatu support visit

Katrina from Motivation Australia (MA) visited Vanuatu in January to provide mentoring and support in the provision of wheelchair services to service partners at Vanuatu Society of Persons with Disabilities (VSPD), Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MOJCS).

The trip was a great opportunity to catch up with our partners and see the work being done by our local partners. The trip provided an opportunity to accompany VSPD Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) field workers on follow-up visits within the community, to review and provide mentoring and support. All members of the CBR team were involved in our Basic Level Wheelchair Service Training (WSTP-B) in July 2016.

Dulcie (left) and Timothy (above) were both seen during these follow-up visits. The VSPD CBR team provided both of their wheelchairs after the completion of the WSTP-B training. Both wheelchairs were appropriate for the user and their environment. It was great to see them team implementing the training in such a positive way.

MA would like to thank all of our partners in Vanuatu for making themselves available during this visit. Particular thanks to VSPD management and field workers for helping to coordinate visits into the community to meet with VSPD wheelchair clients.