Vanuatu Walking Aids Project

Motivation Australia and our partners in Vanuatu – the Vanuatu Society for Disabled Persons (VSDP) have been exploring ways to act on the recommendations from our 2012 joint feasibility study. This year we are delighted to have received funds through the Australian Government Direct Aid Programme to carry out a small project – providing up to 340 children and adults with a mobility disability in Vanuatu with appropriate walking aids.

As with all assistive device provision – the method of service delivery is very important. Therefore, the walking aids will be provided to clients following an assessment of their walking needs, ensuring the most appropriate walking aid from a range procured for the project. Walking aids will be adjusted to fit the user, and basic training given to ensure the user is using the walking aid optimally. Also partnering on this project are physiotherapists from Vila Central Hospital, and the Frangipani Society. We look forward to updating you as the project progresses.