Collaborating for Success: Wheelchairs for Kids

For two weeks in November Motivation Australia’s Lauren Houpapa (Occupational Therapist) and Ray Mines (Wheelchair & Seating Designer) worked with national staff of the Solomons Islands CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) unit in Honiara to trial the new Wheelchairs For Kids wheelchairs.


Timor-Leste Wheelchair Basketball – A Partnership with ASSERT

Motivation Australia and local partners ASSERT successfully completed the first Timor-Leste Wheelchair Basketball Clinic last month. This clinic introduced athletes to the basics of the sport and provided three Timorese coaches with the skills to lead sessions throughout the year. The…

Building Capacity in Thailand

Motivation Australia and the Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Centre (SNMRC) are working together to enhance wheelchair provision in Thailand.

In September 2009 and February 2010, Motivation Australia ran short courses in wheelchair provision for clinical and technical staff at SNMRC. The first course focused on providing staff with skills in wheelchair assessment, prescription, assembly, fitting and providing wheelchair users with instruction in wheelchair mobility and general health care. The second course took the staff skills further, enabling them to address the needs of children and adults who require supportive seating.


Peer Group Training in the Solomon Islands

Motivation Australia and the National Community Based Rehabilitation Unit held the first Peer Group Training (PGT) residential course in the Solomon Islands in June this year.

PGT involves wheelchair users training others with a similar disability in skills and knowledge that enable them to carry out everyday activities and achieve an improved quality of life. Read more about Peer Group Training.


Worldmade Wheelchairs in Central Australia

Motivation Australia is constantly being asked whether we can provide Worldmade Wheelchairs in Australia. The Wheelchairs have been designed for wheelchair users living in environments where the terrain is challenging and accessing repair services are extremely difficult. Worldmade Wheelchairs are therefore incredibly robust, can be maintained locally, and provide an excellent ride over rough and sandy terrain. Yet the wheelchairs do not compromise on the postural support provided for the wheelchair user and come with a pressure relief and posture support cushion.