AT Procurement Study Technical Report

Motivation Australia is very pleased to announce the publication of the Assistive Technology (AT) Procurement Study by the World Health Organization.

A woman sits on the floor with her two young children sitting on her, while another woman sits near her and fills out paperwork.

Launching the Assistive Technology Procurement Study

The study was conducted to understand the challenges that people in Pacific Island Countries currently face when trying to access AT. Based on what was learned, the report recommends how access to AT in the region could be improved.

The Assistive Technology (AT) Procurement Study was commissioned by the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office and funded by the Australian Government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Motivation Australia led the process in partnership with the Pacific Disability Forum and the Nossal Institute for Global Health.

“If the organisations involved could implement the three recommendations of this report, it would be game-changing for people trying to access rehabilitation and assistive technology in the region.”

Ray Mines
Co-author of the report with Kylie Shae and Wes Pryor from the Nossal Institute for Global Health

Improving access to assistive technology in the Pacific

The AT Procurement Study is intended as a blueprint to guide all stakeholders toward clear and specific actions that can significantly improve access to AT services and products.

Key regional and global stakeholders are being invited to meet to discuss a roadmap for the funding and establishment of the first recommendation – a Pacific AT resource facility.

A woman using a prosthetic uses parallel bars to support herself as she walks. A service provider walks beside her. They both have the same foot out.

“We believe that failure to prioritise Assistive Technology now will create more problems and higher health care costs in future years.”

Louise Coventry
CEO of Motivation Australia

For more information on the AT Procurement Study, to participate in the upcoming technical meeting or invest in one of the three recommendations of the AT procurement study, please contact:

Ray Mines
Co-founder and Director of Business Development
Motivation Australia