Kiribati Amputation Prevention project

Diabetic Foot Clinic nurse talking to UniSA's Podiatry lecturer.

Kiribati in country visit

Motivation Australia’s recent work in Kiribati has been across two projects; the Pacific Mobility Device Service (MDS) Project, and the Kiribati Amputation Prevention (KAP) Project. In February, Katrina McGrath was able to visit partners in Kiribati for: The final KAP…
MA's and Kiribati staff looking at training materials.

High Risk Foot Management in the Pacific

Katrina McGrath from Motivation Australia (MA) joined volunteers from the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) Australian National Member Society Outreach Committee (ISPO Outreach) in presenting a 3 day Instructional Course for High Risk Foot Management in the Pacific. The course provided…