Kicking goals in Samoa: project update

The last five weeks have been busy ones on our project in Samoa. We are very pleased to welcome our new Principal (service manager) to the Mobility Device Service (MDS) team at the Samoa National Health Service. The Principal came on board just in…

Samoa’s MDS continues to thrive!

The Samoan Mobility Device Service (MDS) continues to move from strength to strength. Four wheelchair service personnel are providing competent, quality services to Samoans with a mobility disability. More than 200 people with a disability have received appropriate mobility devices…

Samoa Feasibility Study

Motivaton Australia and the National Disablity Council of Samoa (NOLA) recently carried out a feasibility study in Samoa – to explore the existing wheelchair and prosthetic services currently available in Samoa.

As for many Pacific Island countries, the study identified a lack of appropriate wheelchairs and an absence of wheelchair services.