Our Reference Group

The Reference Group has been developed in order to provide online support to health professionals and health services in the Pacific Islands and all of our partner organisations. Participants are Australian and New Zealand based professionals who support our work by providing voluntary, expert advice in a range of speciality areas.

Find out how you can join our Reference Group and volunteer your experience.

A profile picture of Andrew.

Andrew Congdon

Andrew Congdon is an Occupational Therapist with over 15 years’ experience working in the field of wheelchairs, seating and assistive technology. He has worked in a number of different urban, rural and remote settings in Australia and has provided voluntary…
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CTRG member Natasha Layton

Dr Natasha Layton

Natasha Layton is an occupational therapist practicing, researching and teaching in the areas of assistive technology, disability, and outcomes. Natasha is currently senior research fellow with the Rehabilitation, Ageing and Independent Living Research Centre at Monash University, and a researcher…
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CTRG member Camille

Camille Mewett

Camille is a Physiotherapist with over 10 years experience primarily in the disability sector; the past 7 years working in paediatric disability, currently within the education system at a special developmental school in Victoria. She previously lived and worked in…
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CTRG member Chris Dent

Chris Dent

Chris Dent has been a Physiotherapist for over 15 years, specialising in Spinal Cord Injury Management, and Wheelchair and Seating prescription. He currently works as a Wheelchair and Seating consultant with ILS Rehab in Northern NSW. Other recent roles have…
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Karen Wilson

Karen is a rehabilitation physiotherapist who has been working in rehabilitation and with amputees for the last 13 years including senior physiotherapist at the Auckland Artificial Limb Centre NZ since 2006. Karen has worked closely at the Artificial Limb Service…
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Beth Sheehan

Beth Sheehan is an exercise physiologist with a special interest in amputees and children with disabilities. Beth has worked in Malawi, Africa in a prosthetic and orthotic setting service. As an exercise physiologist she utilises exercise to assist in empowering…
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A profile picture of Iain.

Iain Brown

Iain Brown is a professional Rehabilitation Engineer working in the field of wheelchairs, seating and assistive technology. He manages Assistive Technology & Seating NSLHD (NSW Health), one of two public wheelchair seating clinics in NSW. He works with clients in…
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A profile picture of Jarrod.

Jarrod Cahir

Jarrod has extensive experience working in the Prosthetics & Orthotics industry, particularly in rural and remote settings within the Northern Territory and South Australia. He has mentored students and clinicians in Australia and abroad. With a Masters of Clinical Prosthetics…
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A profile picture of Nina.

Nina Murray

Nina Murray is an occupational therapist who has an invested interest in delivering rehabilitation to all corners of the globe. Nina has a passion for working with adults with neurological conditions such as acquired brain injuries and stroke. This passion…
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A profile picture of Ann.

Ann Morris

Ann has been in Diabetes Education since 1976 at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Since then she has had roles with Diabetes Australia Victoria ( now Diabetes Victoria) before moving to Warrnambool where she has continued in this field. Retired from…
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A profile picture of Cath.

Cathrine Napier

Cath is a qualified Social Worker and Educator. She has worked in the community services & child protection sectors in Australia and internationally for 40 years. Early in her career, Cath worked mostly with families & children, including in an…
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A profile picture of Jennifer.

Jennifer Taumoepeau

Jennifer has always had a passion and commitment to contributing and working towards assisting the people in the Pacific. Jennifer has strong connections and ties to Tonga which has enabled her to foster a connection and to build networks with…
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A profile picture of Ken.

Ken Wallis

Ken Wallis, M Ed, B Ed, B A (Hons), has worked in a variety of sectors for over 40 years. Ken has worked in Victorian and Australian government, the private sector, all levels of education and in consultancy roles in…
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