2015 Motivation Australia T-Shirts

Introducing Motivation Australia’s funky, new and exclusive T-Shirt designs! Interested? Email Kate Shortt with your order details!

The ‘World Map’: Representing the World’s 100 million wheelchair, prosthetic or orthotic users

This is based on WHO estimates that 1% of the worlds population will require a wheelchair, and 0.5% will require prosthetic and orthotic services; the majority of those live in developing countries, with over 80% living in rural areas. With this t-shirt Motivation Australia are highlighting the enormous unmet need in developing countries for all kinds of mobility devices.

Tip of the Iceberg: Motivation Australia’s work is just the tip of the iceberg – help us do more

Mobility device service provision is about more than just the device – appropriate service provision requires comprehensive programmes to create sustainable local services. The device is just one aspect (the tip of the iceberg) of the whole picture. The iceberg also represents that through our programmes in partnership with local services, we are having an impact – but again it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what is needed.

We hope that these T-Shirts will generate discussion and raise awareness about the issues faced by millions of people all over the world.

How can you get one? 

The T-shirts are now on sale: simply pick your size using the sizing chart below as a guide, and email Kate Shortt with your order details. She will get in touch with you to arrange your credit card or bank transfer payment and confirm your postage details. We do carry some stock in the office, however if we run out of your size, we will order it in as soon as we can! Best to get in quick to secure one fast!

How much does it cost? 

Motivation Australia members: AUD30 + AUD5 postage and handling.

Non-Motivation Australia members: AUD35 + AUD5 postage and handling.

If you would like more details about the 100% cotton T-Shirts see our fact sheet.

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