About us

We are an Australian not for profit that run life saving and life changing projects in developing countries. Our vision is a world where all people can fully participate in family and community life.

Increasing access

In places with less resources, health services are often far away, lack the necessary supplies and trained staff to provide the care that people need. We strengthen the ability of local organisations to provide frontline services, right where people need them.

Our small team of dedicated professionals all contribute to the growth and development of the organisation. By delivering projects that are value for money, we create high quality and sustainable outcomes. Our broad range of skills and experience enable us to deliver a wide range of activities, all aimed at creating positive and lasting change in places with fewer resources. Read about our work and our ongoing activities.

A woman using a prosthetic uses parallel bars to support herself as she walks. A service provider walks beside her. They both have the same foot out.

Our values






These values underpin our work and help us create positive and lasting change.

All personnel and representatives of Motivation Australia uphold these values as as guided by Motivation Australia’s Code of Conduct, which outlines the following commitments:

  • Perform
  • Respect
  • Represent
  • Communicate
  • Uphold human rights
  • Protect
  • Relate
  • Learn
  • Account
  • Report.

You can read more about the behavioral standards you can expect from our personnel and representatives in our Code of Conduct.

Our story

Kylie Shae founded Motivation Australia after working for over a decade for Motivation Charitable Trust in many developing countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. With the help of an initial group of people committed to the work, Kylie registered and started Motivation Australia in February 2007 with support from the UK organisation.

Since then we have grown and expanded our focus from wheelchairs, to include prosthetics and orthotics in 2012, and assistive technology more broadly in 2016. Kylie Shae led the organisation as CEO from registration until mid 2020. We are independent of, but share similar goals with Motivation Charitable Trust.

In 2022 Motivation Australia partnered with Interplast Australia & New Zealand, to continue to deliver life changing programs under their guidance and stewardship. In entrusting Interplast to continue the work of Motivation Australia, the rights of people with disabilities will be upheld through our shared commitment to deliver locally-led development initiatives.

Four women and a man stand together, dressed formally with identification around their necks. They smile warmly for the camera. World flags can be seen behind them.